Duties of the Unit


- To determine education, training, scholarship, administrative, physical, accommodation, social and other similar needs of handicapped students registered in higher education programs and specify necessary precautions and offer solutions to meet these needs, conduct necessary arrangements by coordinating with other units and directorates of the university.


- To carry out projects for the adaptation of education environment of handicapped students in order to arrange education programs in a way that they do not handicap academic, physical and social life of handicapped students; providing equipment, preparing special course materials and arranging education, research and accommodation environments for handicapped students.


- To publish materials for higher education students and instructors, prepare documents for instructors to give information about disabilities and their results and necessary regulations to be conducted, raise awareness about the handicapped, provide consultancy service, and give in-house training, when necessary.


- To develop programs and projects, organize seminars, conferences and similar activities to raise awareness for disability.


- To prepare and execute working schedule of the unit, determine the budget necessary for activities, prepare annual activity reports to submit to relevant Vice President.


- To create a website which includes publications, documents and information related to the subjects of the duties and activities of handicapped students units at higher education institutions and allows handicapped students to express their problems and demands and communicate with relevant unit.


- To inspect the implementation of the resolutions and strategies.


- To carry out necessary works for the provision of materials to handicapped students who are in financial difficulty, for free.


- To provide time, venue, materials and reader and take necessary measures and make arrangements according to the differences arising from the nature of disability in order to assess and evaluate the success of handicapped students fairly and properly, ensure equality of opportunity and make their education life meaningful.


- To prepare informative booklets about employment opportunities and professions and deliver them to handicapped students.


- To detect the handicapped students who are entitled to register at higher education institutions.


- To ensure that the campus of the university, the buildings located in the campus and open areas are accessible for handicapped students.




Note Taking Support: The students who have difficulty in taking notes or cannot take notes because of their disability are provided with note taking service by means of student assistance (within the scope of Sharing the Success Program).


Course Partnership: The students who have difficulty in studying lesson because of their disability are provided with course partnership by means of student assistance (within the scope of Sharing the Success Program):


Counseling to Departments with Handicapped Students: The unit gives counseling service to the Departments which have handicapped students and informs their instructors about the adaptation of the courses and examinations they are required to take with reasons.


Seminar and Training Services: It includes the seminars, conferences and trainings for increasing the level of knowledge and awareness of the staff and students in disability.